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How to scale a hyper-personalized client experience

If you were to survey 100 financial advisory firms, the vast majority would tell you they tailor their services to individual client needs. But it’s rare to find a firm that takes it as far as Schaefer Financial Management. In fact, if you ask Schaefer about big picture items, like fee structure, asset minimums, or their typical clients, you get almost as many exceptions as you do rules.
Written by Advyzon Team

Top 6 reporting mistakes to avoid

Reporting can seem intimidating. Use these simple tips and tricks as a reminder of what to avoid when creating your reports in order to optimize them for yourself and clients.
Written by Kelly Fitzpatrick, CFP®

Make the most out of video calls

Starting in April 2020, almost all client meetings became virtual video meetings. But many advisors aren’t comfortable with video call technology. Figuring out how to master video calls can help you well beyond COVID-19. Not only does it dramatically widen your geographical reach, but you can also save time: No conference room prep or drives to client offices required.
Written by Advyzon Team

5 tips for designing a great client portal

What clients are looking for in a portal, and how you can design one effectively (using screengrabs to help illustrate that Advyzon can make this easy, highlighting best practices vs sales)
Written by Advyzon Team

How (and why) to create a client survey

Step-by-step walk-through of best practices when it comes to handling client surveys. See how they can be helpful and why 2021 may be the perfect time to start using them.
Written by John Mackowiak