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A Portfolio Management System Built to Fit your Firm Needs
Benefits of Becoming an Advyzon Client
Data Integrity Data integrity is paramount to any advisor technology platform. Our team imports and thoroughly reconciles your data each morning. With each exception we each exception we encounter we research and correct accuracy. Advyzon supports a wide array of custodians and other data sources which allows you to create reliable and consolidated performance reports for your clients. Data Conversion You don’t need to abandon the history you’ve worked so hard for. Our onboarding team excels at migrating data from most of the leading reporting and CRM systems. Scalability Advyzon is built to support your growth. Whether you have multiple teams, locations, and assistants or you’re a solo practitioner, Advyzon has you covered. With a flexible administrator interface bringing on new advisors or acquiring new practices can seamlessly be integrated when needed. Access Access your information securely across multiple operating systems and mobile devices. Advyzon’s cloud- based architecture means your data is available where and when you need it. Extend your technological advantage to your clients with an integrated white labeled client portal, mobile app and secure document management system.
Portfolio Management & Client Reporting
Report builder feature in Advyzon
Comprehensive, Flexible Data
We’ve designed our reporting system to provide you with an experience that is truly second to none.  When we first conceptualized Advyzon, reporting was always going to be at the core of what we do. Today, our reporting engine is as powerful and robust as any on the market. Our Report Builder allows you to customize report packages exactly how you want them, with countless charts, tables, and data point combinations. Beyond the content controls, we’ve also allowed for you to visually customize reports by matching the colors, fonts and images of your brand.
Automate Report Generation & Distribution
Easily produce and distribute reports on an ongoing basis with our Reporting Center. Schedule and run recurring report tasks for all clients at the same time, plus distribute to each client through your client portal or print en masse.
Multi-Level Performance Reporting
Beyond dozens of prebuilt reports, our aim is to give users comprehensive and flexible access to their data. Our users can create specific reports for any level of reporting. For strategies that require historical performance reporting, our GIPS compliant Composites tool allows you to track the specific membership history of your managed accounts to produce performance calculations according to industry recommended accounting standards. For firm level insights, take advantage of our Practice Reports menu, or easily construct groups of clients, or accounts to get exactly what you need in just a few short moments.
Fixed Income Reporting
Our fixed income reporting is very comprehensive allowing you to report on all of your bonds, including mortgage backed securities. The heart of the system contains a flexible reporting engine which includes amortization & accretion reports.
Advyzon reports are robust and customizable
Advyzon has billing settings that fit most if not all firm structures
Efficient, Accurate Billing
Given that billing is the lifeline of your business, we recognize that it must get done efficiently, accurately, and without fail. With that in mind, we have designed a billing component that is flexible to set up and turn-key to use. All major methodologies such as flat, tiered, and performance based billing are supported with fee file creation for execution with all major custodians.
Set it and Forget it
Advyzon’s approach to billing is set it and forget it. Advisors or Admin staff can access the platform and create and assign management fees. Additionally scheduled statement generation can be done, making your invoices available whenever you decide. After reviewing your fees through any of our various validation reports you can upload a preformatted fee file to any major custodian. From start to finish you are in control, eliminating any guesswork or errors in the process.
Powerful, Flexible, Intuitive
Our CRM is tightly woven into the fabric of Advyzon.  So tightly, in fact, you won’t see any button in the system than says “CRM”.  Designed to surface important information without all the clicks, Advyzon allows you to manage all points of contact with your clients and prospects, as well as within your firm. In addition to email, notes, activities, and workflows are all viewable within a single client record, making it simple to get fully up to speed at a glance.  All of this, side by side with rich information that traditionally lives within a standalone reporting system.
Seamless Email & Calendar Integration
Advyzon features deep integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, with seamless flow of email and calendar information, calendar sharing, and workflow syncing all the way down to your client record. This approach allows you to continue to use Outlook or the email/calendar tools of your choosing, but have all client communications visible - and archived – within Advyzon. It also archives all of your emails to meet your compliance requirements
Advyzon CRM automatically syncs client information, notes, calendar, and email in one convenient spot
Document Management
Advyzon document management provides a secure vault for document storage and exchange between advisors, prospects, and clients.
Instant Access
The Advyzon document management system gives you the ability to access client documents instantly. Much like email and calendar, everything is quickly available directly within the client record. Posting a document to the client portal on a one-off basis is a matter of two clicks.
Secure Vault
The Advyzon document management system gives you the ability to access client documents instantly. Much like email and calendar, everything is quickly available directly within the client record. Client reports are automatically saved to the client record for easy future access and posting a document to the client portal on a one-off basis is a matter of two clicks.  At the company level, Advyzon provides the ability to store and share documents within your firm.
SEC Compliant Management Tools
Designed to meet requirements for SEC Rule 17a-4(f), our Compliance app allows your compliance team to track, store and organize your firm’s critical digital compliance information.  We include WORM support, CCO document retention policies, document review and audit trails.
Client Portal & Mobile App
Unparalleled Client Collaboration
An incredibly robust and customized client portal ties all of the important information together, giving you unparalleled ability to collaborate with your clients. From secure messaging to reporting and billing posted in our document vault, the client portal and mobile app offer an informative and intuitive experience for investors.  With optional account aggregation tools, the investor can sync held-away accounts and view Net Worth. The portal is also interactive, giving investors the ability to adjust components to change time period or accounts they are viewing.  The document vault allows for two-way secure document sharing between advisor and investor.
Consistent Client Experience
The Advyzon client portal can be built to mirror existing reports, thus creating a consistent experience for your client, regardless of their touchpoint with their account data. Annual review, quarterly reporting, and client portal can consist of the same data in the same layout, giving your clients confidence that they know what they are looking at when they log in.
Advyzon web portal and mobile app for clients and prospects provides anywhere anytime access and cohesive experience.
Dashboard & Business Intelligence
Advyzon dashboard provides powerful business intelligence.
Customizable Dashboards
Everyone works differently.  Every member of your firm can customize their views of client information and performance to focus on what’s important to them.  A portfolio manager may be solely focused on asset allocation and performance, whereas staff are focused on client communication and preparing for upcoming meetings.
Powerful Business Intelligence
Through the Advyzon Dashboard & Business Intelligence views, firms can see key performance indicators like how AUM and Fees have trended as well as the ability to drill down and see top and bottom performing securities, accounts & clients. Over 30 components are at your disposal allowing you more transparency into your practice operations and performance.
Growth Suite
Advyzon’s newest tools are aimed at helping advisors grow their business. With several options for client communication, advisors can reach their clients more easily and in more ways. Advyzon’s client portal and mobile app offer a Twitter integration for advisors to feed information to their clients and build their brand even if the investor isn’t active on social media. Our messaging tools offer easy communications to reach clients by email or via the client portal.
Prospect Portal & New Client Onboarding
Onboarding starts with Advyzon’s Prospect Portal and Fact Finder. Let potential clients enter their own information so that you can focus on winning them over. When they sign-on, use the same information to flow into Advyzon’s digital account opening tools helping reduce the time you spend on manual re-entry.
Advyzon growth suite provides tools like mass communication, prospect portal and twitter integration to grow your firm.