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How Advyzon enabled Aspire Capital Advisors to find a technology partner that didn’t force the purchase of extras

After a few decades working for a larger financial firm, Johnny Flavin and his partners decided they were looking to provide a more independent and relationship focused service. As a breakaway, they knew they would need tools to support them as they gained their independence. Johnny sat on the board at a National 401K forum and had found larger firms implementing Advyzon as their technology partner. With Advyzon behind them, Johnny gained the confidence he needed to move forward. Advyzon had all of the admin, billing, and reporting tools necessary to enable Johnny to focus on business and relationship growth. Without even using all of the tools offered, Johnny and the advisors at Aspire have been able to grow their business and their clients’ investments.

“Advyzon was a big part of our breakaway. With Advyzon, we gained the confidence we needed to become independent.”

- Johnny Flavin, Founder & CEO, Aspire Capital Advisors

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Location: Seattle, WA

Seattle based Aspire CapitalAdvisors broke away in 2018 after two decades working fora larger financial firm.Today the group of independent advisors helps businesses, non-profits and individuals plan, manage and work toward their financial goals.

They use a personalized, attentive approach to financial planning, building lifelong relationships with their clients.

2018 $140M
The Challenge

Johnny Flavin decided he was going to break away from a larger RIA to start his own firm knowing there would be challenges, in particular ensuring that he would have everything he needed to run his own business without the resources of a larger company. Johnny was looking for the confidence that he would be supported through his transition and needed something that could cover his administrative needs, billing, and reporting so that he could focus on fostering relationships with clients. He did not want to be stuck with a technology partner that forced him to buy add-on tools to gain access to features that he would need daily. Johnny was looking for a true comprehensive solution.

“Advyzon is central to the firm. They are constantly trying to stay ahead of the market which makes it easy to stay with Advyzon and keep growing.”

- Johnny Flavin Founder & CEO, Aspire Capital Advisors

The Solution

Johnny started his search for a technology partner at his custodian and got recommendations to begin his process. He thoroughly interviewed many potential partners and found that Advyzon offered the most value to him as he pursued independence. After conversations with the Advyzon team, Johnny was leaning toward selecting Advyzon as his technology partner. He liked the deep integrations and then grew more confident when he learned that a larger firm at a national 401K board meeting was switching to Advyzon and its comprehensive platform as well.

The Results

Johnny and Aspire signed on with Advyzon and have nearly doubled their AUM in just two years. With Advyzon, Johnny was able to rely on the robust reporting capabilities and reliable billing he needed to focus efforts on his client relationships. Using the deep integrations with his custodian, Johnny can manage almost everything inside of Advyzon. He felt good about the fact that Advyzon was the only purchase he needed to make.

A few months in to using the Advyzon platform, Johnny felt like he needed a task feature added to his advisor dashboard. With the responsive development process at Advyzon it was quickly built and put in place to benefit all firms. Using Advyzon made it easy to keep growing the business with a dependable and central hub of the firm. Today, Johnny religiously uses the CRM to keep up to date client information and manage his relationships. He has started implementing workflows to keep track of where clients are in the advisory process to keep growth front of mind.

When recommending Advyzon, Johnny is thrilled that Advyzon doesn’t require many other purchases and continues to develop in a way that is responsive to firms of every size.

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