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White label: Why Advyzon?

Written by Advyzon Team

Editor’s note: Advisors sometimes tell us that their clients have questions about Advyzon. We created this white label article for you to share with them.

There are many perks to working with a financial advisor, including access to powerful financial planning and investment management software that aren’t available to retail investors. These tools help us keep track of dozens of factors about your financial life, then chart a course forward and analyze whether you’re on track to meet your goals. Some advisors use different software to handle each element of financial planning. But we prefer to keep things simple for you, so we use Advyzon.

What is Advyzon?

Advyzon is comprehensive platform that allows us to keep track of your portfolio. There’s a version for us to use, so we can do things like place trades and securely share documents, and a version for you to use, so you can check your performance or share information with us.

How it works

On the backend, Advyzon lets us keep your information safe and secure. Everything is encrypted and protected, so it’s safe for you to share documents with us and vice versa. It also helps ensure everything we do remains compliant with state and federal regulators.

Advyzon helps us keep notes on our meetings, so you don’t have to repeat yourself each time we speak. It also allows our colleagues to jump in if you ever need immediate help when your primary advisor isn’t available.

Finally, Advyzon is how we’ll keep you up to date on your portfolio performance and bill you each quarter. We’ve worked with their team to create custom reports that reflect what we think is most important about your finances so we can do our best to keep you on track.

What you see

Use the Advyzon client portal to log in and check your performance or to share documents with us (and vice versa). Using the Advyzon portal means you’ll be able to see how assets that aren’t in your brokerage account, like real estate, cryptocurrency holdings, or 401(k) plans, impact your overall portfolio.

Advyzon is also fully integrated with a number of our partners. That means if you ever need to access a different program as part of our work together, you can generally do so without having to log in a second time to a separate program.

Remember: Our goal as advisors is to take the stress of money management off your plate. We think simple and easy-to-use technology helps us do that. That’s why we choose to work with Advyzon.

Written by Advyzon Team